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DO NOT USE ON OPEN WOUNDS! MADE IN USA This unique formula, which has been loved by thousands of USA customers over the years. NATURAL & SAFE: All natural ingredients used. Imagine no more skin rash caused by harmful chemicals. Leaves you with a real soothing and comforting experience EASY TO APPLY on the skin of joint, muscle, knee, back, hand, elbow, feet, shoulders and body etc. No water dilution. More effective than a cream. No burning sensations. Reputed for soothing & comforting rather than suppressing pains and aches. Smell mild and nice. A little goes a long way. A MIRACLE-CURE? No. The product is not a medicinal-product. It is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure or prevent any-disease. From customers feedbacks, many people find their level of discomfort reduced, their mobility improved and they are able to sleep through the night without unbearable aches and pains. Thanks to the power of nature and the finest ingredients we used. Most customers benefit from having 2 jars, one for the home, one for the workplace, or one for you and one for the person you care about. Ingredients: Comfrey infused with olive oil  Arnica infused with olive oil Calendula infused with olive oil Lavender essential oil Peppermint essential oil Clove essential oil Coconut oil Vitamin E oil

Comfrey, Arnica, Calendula Pain Salve

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