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Naturally hand-crafted blends of spices for everyone to enjoy. Add savory deliciousness right into your next chicken dish with our Chicken Seasoning Poultry Seasoning. Our All-Purpose Seasoning adds a perfectly balanced blend of spices to vegetables, French fries, and mac & cheese. We dare you to find something it doesn’t go well with. Our flavorful seasoned salts are bound to be a staple in your kitchen. Our ingredients make them both guilt-free seasonings for your home-cooked favorites.


Sure, you can buy seasoning blends at the store, but you're often getting more of exactly what you don't want—salt. Plus anti-caking agents, and a questionable level of freshness.

That's why I love making my seasoning blends. I reach for them all of the time, knowing exactly what they contain because I'm the one who mixed them in the first place. When you make the blends themselves, there's the fun of opening jars of spices and reveling in their aromas and colors.


Hot tip: when making blends with ground hot peppers, don't inhale deeply! Wear one of the pandemic masks you have tucked away. It'll prevent lots of sneezes. Take it from a gal who learned the hard way.


Let us know which one you want.

Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper Masala

Chicken Seasoning

Fish Seasoning

Italian Seasoning

All Spice/Pie Spice

Garden Whirl Spices

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