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Egyptian and Siberian sage soap

If you're looking for another age-fighting beauty product, a decent spice rack will be your saving grace. Sage is a natural inflammatory that can decrease puffiness and redness from aging and acne. It's often found in anti-aging serums due to the antioxidants of ferulic acid and strong presence of vitamin A. For a superb anti-aging soap, 


Skin Indents a.k.a Craters: Sage Oil


When acne finally clears up, it can leave a huge expensive mess behind. This isn't just limited to embarrassing dark spots, either. Folks with severe cases of acne often are plagued with life-long skin indents, rudely named craters, that leave the skin uneven and damaged. Experts state that if acne indents haven't disappeared in a year's time, it's likely they're here to stay.

Pricey treatments for collagen deposits are usually recommended to get rid of permanent skin indents. Sage has a unique ability to increase collagen, which is a key factor in the elasticity of the skin. It's rich in vitamin A which encourages the rejuvenation of skin cells which will likely diminish the appearance of those terrible craters.




I'm fairly certain I came out of the womb congested. I've had the sniffles since as long as I can remember and summertime brings no peace. To get rid of allergy symptoms or mild congestion, put sage leaves in the shower with you and let the steam provide some serious aromatherapy that will get you breathing in the fresh air in no time. 



Ward off Evil Spirts and Bad Energy


If you're just moving into a new apartment or having a hard time getting a relentless spirit like Moaning Myrtle out of your house, purchase white dried sage and simply light one end and let burn.


However Sage Soap is good for cleansing the spirit


Sage Soap (Sacred Beauty)

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